Techcode RFID deposit cabinet is designed to store keys, documents and other small items that require safe storage.

The cabinet is perfect for storing keys to cabinets or rooms in which public documents and other documentation containing personal data are stored.

The deposit cabinet is also used to store car keys and smaller items, such as registration cards or files, so it can be used in showrooms, service stations and car rentals.

Depending on the needs, the interior of each Techcode RFID deposit cabinet can be equipped with hooks, shelves or compartments to make the most of the available space.

Depozytor Techcode RFID w recepcji hotelu (z haczykami na klucze)
Depozytor Techcode RFID w recepcji hotelu (z haczykami na klucze)
Depozytor Techcode RFID w salonie samochodowym (z haczykami na klucze)
Depozytor Techcode RFID w salonie samochodowym (z haczykami na klucze)


Techcode deposit cabinet
Techcode deposit cabinet


Techcode RFID deposit cabinet can run on several operating systems. The choice of the system affects the functions performed by the deposit cabinet and enables it to be adapted to the client’s needs.

S.1 System

The most basic of the available systems. Its main function is to control access to the cabinet with the help of encoded RFID proximity identifiers.

Access to items stored in the deposit cabinet is granted only to authorized persons who have a coded proximity identifier. The identifier may be in the form of a card, key ring, sticker, etc. The Techcode RFID deposit cabinet can also be opened using the identifiers currently used in the company. Standardly supported identifiers include Unique 125kHz and Mifare 13.56 MHz.

RFID technology allows to encode any number of RFID identifiers to each cabinet, each identifiers can be encoded/ decoded multiple times. Frequent change of users is not a problem, and losing an ID no longer requires replacement of the lock.

It is the Administrator of the Techcode RFID cabinet who decides to grant or deny access, add new identifiers and re-encode previously used identifiers.

Depozytor Techcode RFID z ewidencją zdarzeń
Depozytor Techcode RFID z ewidencją zdarzeń (z haczykami na klucze)

S.2 System

The S.2 System provides all the functionalities of the S.1 System, additionally enabling other functions. The system is operated with free software installed on any computer. USB adapter allows you to connect the reader to a computer in order to read the data stored on it.

Examples of functionalities:

– enables integration with the CRP systems used in the company,

– records up to 32,000 events, i.e. activities performed by specific ID card numbers and times when the cabinet was opened,

– records events (who opened the door and when),

– allows you to create a database of users and assign them various characteristics,

– other.

S.3 System

It is the most technologically advanced system used in Techcode RFID furniture with registration of resources, the main functions of which are:

  • PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROL TO RESOURCES STORED IN THE DEPOSIT CABINET, granted only to authorized users with a coded proximity identifier.
  • REGISTRATION OF ALL EVENTS (successful and unsuccessful attempts to open the cabinet, collections and returns of a particular item) and the location of the item (who collected the item, when, etc.), possible thanks to the tagging of stored resources.


Techcode deposit cabinet - Techmark
Techcode deposit cabinet - Techmark

Each item stored in the Techcode deposit cabinet can be marked with special RFID tags, in the form of stickers, patches or other small tags.

Each tag can be assigned information about the item marked with it (e.g. name, SKU, number of items, etc.). Using these tags, Techcode RFID deposit cabinet reads the information assigned to it, recognizes the tagged item and saves all data in the system.

Thanks to this, in addition to safe storage, our deposit cabinet also performs a number of other functions previously performed by a person (e.g. a warehouse keeper), but without the need for his participation in these activities.


The S.3 system is operated by the IT System we have created, which consists of an application installed in the Techcode RFID deposit cabinet and operated by means of a touch screen and a proprietary program Zasobnik, with which the application connects via the network (Lan or WiFi).


TECHCODE RFID deposit cabinet
TECHCODE RFID deposit cabinet
TECHCODE RFID deposit cabinet

Techcode RFID deposit cabinets with the S.3 system meet strict standards and legal requirements* related to the safe storage of public documents and other media containing personal data, as well as other items that require constant supervision (e.g. keys).

Techcode RFID deposit cabinets provide access control and an automatic registration of collections and returns.

* the Act on Public Documents (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 53 as amended)

* GDPR, i.e. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection)


We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination. The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.